The SUNI Story

The SUNI Story

Thank you for your interest in our SUNI-STEM Presentations. EYEONTEK is excited to reach, teach and inspire STEM Education through The Science of SUNI.

A STEM Accredited Educational Experience.

The Science of SUNI takes a fresh look inside the wonderful world of STEM with simple to follow interactive presentations. Topics include STEM education, STEM careers and the technology jobs of the future.

The Science of SUNI

Each presentation is designed to be engaging and motivating with direct comparisons to SUNI using the magical language of coding.

The Science of SUNI is a modern approach to educational entertainment for all ages. We make learning with SUNI fun, informative and exciting.

Who is SUNI

SUNI  is more than a robot, SUNI is an American personality tapping into our culture and the worldwide fabric of AI . 

EYEONTEK is leading the way by using both standard and innovative techniques to introduce the world to SUNI.

EYEONTEK community partners are an integral part of our sponsored events, encouraging today’s youth to pursue STEM education and careers for personal and community enrichment. This is of vital importance. Currently, the U.S. STEM workforce is made up of 19.3% foreign-born employees, which is an 82% increase since 1990. The U.S. is falling behind the global community in this area. This tells us that our youth are not being engaged with respect to STEM jobs. Contributing factors include, not reaching the youth or a lack of programs to support their interest.

Our goal is to promote these high paying STEM jobs and fulfill future employment needs with domestic employees, our youth.

EYEONTEK presentations accomplishes both of these through STEM Edutainment events and additional on-going educational experiences, reaching thousands of youth and their families. We raise awareness of the importance of the education and implementing STEM programs to fulfill the future need of STEM professionals and the importance of STEM skills in non-technical positions as well.

To schedule an event or to become an EYEONTEK community partner, please call or email.


Growth rate per U.S. Department of Commerce Economics and Statistics Administration Office of the Chief Economist; STEM occupation growth through 2027:  Nationally at a 9% growth rate through 2024
Maricopa County Schools Superintendent’s Office in Arizona states that the local growth will be 27% In Computing – 23% In Advanced Manufacturing – 17% In Engineering


Changing the way we think about technology