The SUNI Story

The SUNI Story


In 1973 a little boy had a dream to one day grow up and build robots. His father of modest upbringing was perplexed by his son’s deep desire.  The boy was obsessed with robots from a very young age,  but was forbidden to pursue any of these interests while living in his father’s home.

Decades later and on the heels of his mother’s failing health, a decision was made to purchase a  mobility chair to aid her quality of life.  His mother passed away a short time after and that mobility chair soon became the spark of SUNI.

The Future is SUNI

EYEONTEK was created as a driving force of innovation, dreams and inspiration. Public performances with SUNI have left countless moments in time and inspirational dreams in many minds. Planting the seeds for change to grow. Understanding, defining and utilizing these elements for higher learning is the main focus point. The goal is for SUNI to reach, teach and inspire with the creation of creative educational and informative content programs focusing on the advancing world of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Who is SUNI

SUNI is no more a robot than a human. SUNI is an American personality tapping into our culture and the worldwide fabric of AI.  EYEONTEK is leading the way by using both standard and innovative techniques to introduce the world to SUNI and SUNI to the world.


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